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I believe in devolving decision making to the lower practical level of government because those closest to a problem are best equipped to handle it. This means allowing cities and localities to pass their own laws on most issues without being overruled by the state. This also means providing more funding to cities and localities to use as they see fit. This is a reversal of the last 8 years of Republican government that has steadily increased the concentration of power in Columbus.

Ohio Anti-Corruption Act

One of my first priorities once elected is passing the Ohio Anti-Corruption Act which is based to some extent on the proposed American Anti-Corruption Act. This will include policies to limit the amount of lobbying that is done in Columbus and end the revolving door between elected representatives and lobbyists. This will also limit campaign contributions from unions and corporations and bring an end to PACs and dark money. I demand an entirely transparent government for Ohio and an end to the rent seeking and crony capitalism. The first step in solving Ohio’s problems and rebuilding our economy is cleaning up the government and removing the corruption in Columbus. Ohioans deserve a government for Ohioans, not special interests and those with the biggest checkbook.

Unicameral Legislature

I don’t see much point in the state senate. It is not like the senate at the federal level where each state is apportioned a set number of senators. The state senate is almost no different than the state house, it even has basically the same proportion of Republicans and Democrats. It is an extra an unnecessary step and an unnecessary cost to taxpayers.

Eliminate the Position of Lieutenant Governor

It is a pointless position that costs Ohio taxpayers $140,000 annually. If we are concerned about what will happen should a governor resign or die we will simply follow a line of succession of the other statewide elected officials.

21st Century Government

It is my goal that the government of Ohio be brought into the 21st century and be as fully digitized as possible. Within the next decade Ohioans should be able to vote, pay fines and taxes, participate in government, and handle nearly all bureaucratic nonsense from the convenience of a laptop or phone. This digitalization will save the government money and save time and costs for Ohio citizens. It is in fact possible, we just need the vision and commitment.


I am for democracy and greater enfranchisement. I want people to vote and participate in government because I believe that results in ultimately the best outcomes. To this end it should be as easy to vote as possible in a secure way. This means abundant polling locations open for extended periods of time, online voting, and the right to vote not being infringed. We should also lower the voting age perhaps to 17, maybe even to 16. The goal here is to get people active in government early. This will improve turnout and improve active participation in government. The usual arguments I see against this are that young people lack the mental capacity to make good choices and that they will just vote the way their parents do. It is already the case that people vote the way their parents do for decades after leaving their parent’s home, this is largely a result of genetics and the way one was raised, and I don’t think many parents would argue that their teenage children are anything if not independent minded. To the other argument I just point out that we do not require people to be of proven intelligence to vote and intelligence doesn’t necessarily correlate with who one votes for.

Ohio’s New Frontier

What we need and what I am calling for, is nothing less than an economic and political revolution, a sea change in our society and institutions. Let us build a new economy for Ohio. We’re going to push Ohio into new industries and new frontiers.

Ohio will be at the forefront of new medical technology leveraging existing institutions like the Cleveland Clinic to bring advances in medicine and help lower the cost of health care for all. We will be at the forefront of new agricultural technology leveraging institutions like the Ohio Agricultural Research and Development Center and no longer will the greatest innovations in farming be monopolized by massive multinational corporations but instead be open to fair market competition so that the farmers of Ohio can truly benefit. We will be at the forefront in new energy technologies not just in their development but in their implementation in new smart electric grids across the state to power our new industries and new manufacturing with cheap, abundant electricity. We will invest in new communication and transportation infrastructure to bring our state closer together in ways it never has been before and bring the rest of the world closer to Ohio. We will grow Ohio into a major exporter not just to other states but to the world. We will invest in growing Ohio’s skills ecosystem working with businesses, universities, and community colleges to give our citizens the skills and resources they need to power Ohio’s economic revolution. We will invest in new industries and new businesses, we will give the entrepreneurs the capital and resources they need to explore and expand new markets, to unleash market powers on Ohio’s economy.

We will build Ohio into a state where economies of scale and economies of agglomeration create a positive feedback loop of growth and innovation. Productivity gains and gains from freer trade must no longer only accrue to the wealthiest of society but must lead to corresponding salary increases so that the cycle of productivity growth and economic development can continue. Ohio has a strong foundation for this future, we have the people, we have great research universities, we have resources and strong businesses and institutions to serve as a solid jumping off point. All we need is the political will to do so, a legislature and a governor ready to act, and more important the people of Ohio ready to stand up and demand a better future, who have an entrepreneurial spirit, who will work hard for that future.

This is the future I envision. This future will take time, it won’t be exactly as we imagine it, what businesses and what industries take hold will still depend on prevailing market forces; but we can harness the power of the market to build this future and that is exactly the point. Government and business cannot be antagonistic toward each other. As a state we are at our greatest when we are all working together. Government and entrepreneurship is a partnership that built America into an economic power since the time of Alexander Hamilton, the architect of the American system of economic development that has been adopted by Germany, Japan, South Korea, and China to revolutionize their own economies. We need experimental policy making, policy making that isn’t afraid to make mistakes, policy makers who recognize when they’re wrong and who will act quickly to fix it rather than zealously defend their mistake. We need policy making that tries a portfolio of policy experiments and scales up what works while shutting down what doesn’t. That is harnessing the power of decentralized governing. Through the coordination and cooperation of government, business, our universities, and our citizens at the local, city, and state level we can build a future for all Ohioans. It’s time to demand more from your representatives Ohio, it’s time to set aside the partisan politics and the ideologies for a pragmatic plan to revolutionize Ohio’s economy and system of government.