I’m Tim Grady and I’m probably running for office in Ohio. It doesn’t matter too much where in Ohio, if you live in Ohio, someday I’ll be running in an election you can vote for me in. I am an independent and a person of conviction. I stand for people over party, idealism without illusions, pragmatism without increments, and policy without ideologies.

Please don’t be too overly intimidated by my walls of text. It is not entirely a well kept secret that I have a bit of a tendency towards the fatal flaw, the unforgivable political sin, of verbosity!

Follow me on Twitter, Facebook, Youtube and all that good stuff. It really delivers a much fuller picture when you do and it maximizes entertainment.

Facebook: www.facebook.com/timgradyforohio

Twitter: twitter.com/TimGradyForOhio

Youtube: Tim Grady for Ohio

Or if you’re not here for that, this is a website for all my works, not just my political activities so you can enjoy that as well! I do political and economic analysis, I am an unregistered pataphysician, I do a fair amount of writing, but mostly I try to gain greater understanding. It’s impossible to tell if I’m serious or satirical as I consider that a false choice.

And if you’re with the FEC or SOS or some regulatory organization like that, this is not really a campaign website, any political campaigns I may run are to promote this, not the other way around. Please don’t send me to prison.

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