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I was born in Mansfield in 1996, or so I’ve been told, and have been a lifelong resident of Richland County. I attended Lexington High School but I tend to forget about that (you should too). Currently I am studying economics at Ohio University. Currently economics is lost in the weeds but that’s for another time.

In the past I have identified myself as a radical centrist. Recently (particularly since the 2016 election) that term has steadily been claimed by those who I cannot possibly relate to, primarily neoliberals and Third Way Democrats. Rather than fighting a semantic war I am more than likely to lose, I’ve decided it best to simply move on. I’m not quite a progressive (especially as what are traditionally liberals have claimed the word), I’m not quite a centrist, I’m not quite a classical liberal. I’ve been accused of being a capitalist and I’ve been accused of being a socialist. I’m certainly not a moderate, I am a principled person with many strongly held beliefs. That said I am always open to new ideas and am never deluded enough to be absolutely certain about anything.

What I do know is what I want for myself and for Ohio. I have a vision for Ohio’s future, one of rapid economic development, of prosperity and opportunity for all Ohioans regardless of their origins, of the freedom to make one’s own choices in life. I do not subscribe to any ideologies, I do not believe there is a singular way to accomplish something, I believe in taking whatever measure be it left, right, market, government, commons, or whatever else to achieve this vision. More often than not that requires experimentation rather than adherence to an ideology. I think the best way to describe me is simply as an independent. I am just who I am, do not try and attach any adjectives to me, they will not stick.

Fight For the Future

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