I can’t say I have much to offer with regards to educational reform, I know we need it but that’s about it. When I have brought up my thoughts on what could make for better education I have been roundly criticized. It is possible that my negative experience in the public education system has left me too critical. Nevertheless as I am an independent minded individual constantly seeking to improve I cannot help but to offer an idea or two. Below I outline just a few of my thoughts but do not consider them policy proposals.

Standardized Testing

I think there is far too much testing in public education. Too much time is spent focusing on tests rather than learning or receiving an education. The world is changing quickly and people must learn to adapt to change, not pass a test.

Online Schooling

It is inevitable that education moves online in some format or another. THis does not mean entirely online schools, it simply means more and better educational resources will be available in a digital format. This could be incorporated into a physical school with more independent learning than strict lecture (well known to be one of the worst forms of teaching) or there could be entirely online schools. Whatever the case, the producer and purveyor of digital educational resources is going to be a big industry. I think Ohio should try and be a leader here.

Universal Voucher System

I support a system of universal vouchers for k-12 education in Ohio. What this means is that Ohio offers an amount of funding for every student. This funding will go with a student to whatever institution they enroll in be it public, private, or something else. The desire of institutions is then to attract and educate as many students as possible at the lowest cost. As part of this system it would not be allowed for anyone to charge for a k-12 education beyond the voucher. Thus it is a more equal playing field between public and private institutions. A private institution then must truly be better to attract more students rather than to offer the prestige or extras that private institutions currently do to separate wealthy parents from their money. Again, just expressing my thoughts, not a policy proposal.


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