Platform Bullet Points


  • Create an Ohio Investment Bank to revitalize Ohio’s economy and make us a leader in job growth and new industries. The bank provides investment in new technologies, infrastructure, entrepreneurs, and small and medium sized businesses.
  • Investment in developing an agricultural cluster in Ohio with emphasis on new technologies like vertical farming and GMOs.
  • Investment in and development of a health care technologies cluster in Ohio leveraging existing institutions like the Cleveland Clinic.
  • Passing the Ohio Family Assistance Credit which will provide $4,000 a year to Ohio families living in poverty. The credit is designed to scale so earning more will not cost benefits. It always pays to work in Ohio.
  • Securing Ohio’s energy independence and cheap energy to power Ohio’s next industrial revolution. This will be achieved through investment in developing new energy sources like safe 4th generation nuclear reactors, investment in new smart power grids, and subsidy of renewable energy sources in their infancy.
  • Building a job training and skills network utilizing Ohio’s many community colleges in coordination with employers to design fast training programs that accommodate students’ schedules to prepare Ohioans for a swiftly changing economy and get us back to work.


Crime and the Opioid Epidemic

  • Legalize and tax the use of marijuana for recreational purposes.
  • Legalize the growing of industrial hemp to further expand Ohio’s agricultural sector.
  • Decriminalize all drugs and end the war on drugs, focusing on providing treatment rather than mass incarceration and punishing the dealers instead of users. This is the best way to combat the opioid crisis.
  • Crack down on the pharmaceutical industry for its role in creating the opioid epidemic.
  • End mass incarceration and the prison industrial complex. We can no longer ruin lives and waste taxpayer money that would be better spent elsewhere.
  • Demilitarize the police, redirect police resources toward solving violent and property crimes which are solved less than 50% of the time. This will reduce the crime rate.
  • Eliminate the plague of lead exposure in young children. Lead exposure increases crime rates. Targeting lead in the water supply and schools first.


Health Care:

  • Work with neighboring states to create interstate health care standards so that health insurers, health care providers, and citizens can operate seamlessly across state lines. This will lower health care costs and hassle.
  • Provide preventative care for all Ohioans to reduce occurrence of more expensive health problems.
  • Allow dental hygienists to operate their own practices. This lowers the cost of dental care.
  • Allow nurse practitioners to operate their own practices. This lowers the cost of health care.
  • Require all health care providers to publish their prices online in a searchable format. This will increase market competition and lower health care costs.

Deregulation and Regulation:

  • Expand small claims court from claims of $6,000 to $30,000 and expand the purview of small claims court beyond just monetary damages. This will greatly reduce legal costs to Ohioans who will no longer need to retain lawyers.
  • Implement delicensing in Ohio to reduce barriers to entry for many jobs.
  • Simplify the tax code and eliminate many deductions and loopholes which give unfair advantages.
  • Reduce the sales tax.
  • Regulate finance in Ohio and end the financialization and commoditization that has destroyed Ohio’s economy.


Government and Corruption:

  • Reverse the centralization of Ohio’s government that has occurred under the last 8 years of Republican control. Devolve more decision making to cities and localities.
  • Pass the Ohio Anti-Corruption Act to limit the influence of money in government and make the government more transparent.
  • Eliminate the Ohio Senate and expand the Ohio House to offer more direct representation and smaller districts.
  • Eliminate the position of lieutenant governor.
  • Lower the voting age to 17 and institute automatic registration.
  • Bring the Ohio government into the 21st  century. Ohioans should be able to vote, pay fines and taxes, participate in government, and handle nearly all bureaucratic nonsense from the convenience of a laptop or phone within the next decade.


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